My Services


I create all kind of website. Starting from simple pages, to pages with a control panel, and professional services. I write optimal page code, in order to provide high performance

 Responsive Design

When creating webpages I try to make them properly viewable on all kind of devices. Nowadays, pages are visited as often by smartphones and tablets than by computers.

 Social Connecting

When creating projects I never forget of connecting them with social networks. It is important because part of traffic on the webpage comes from social networking.

About me

I'm Mateusz Burnagiel. I'm 19 years old and I attend a technical school of IT profile. Computers have been my passions science my early childhood. I have been interesed constructions of the computer and "how it works", later I got into developing. I started to develop in HTML, later I added CSS. Nowadays I use HTML5 , CSS3 , JavaScript . I learn through making small and larg projects. I want to be the best in what I do. I'm going to achieve it through my ambition, perseverance and hard work.

My project